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Horses, horses, horses; I've loved them my whole life. From showing saddleseat as a child, to Hunters and Jumpers at the University of Kentucky and introducing huntseat to the western riders of Wyoming, I have thoroughly enjoyed the world of horses. Bringing together my knowledge of horses and photography allows me to capture the relationship of the horse and rider.

My photos have been published in Dressage Today magazine and also on appear Eddo Hoekstra’s website,

Site Dedication

This website it dedicated to my husband, Joe, who has supplied encouragement and camera equipment above and beyond the call; to my family and my wonderful friends Cindy Dix Weathersbee and Vicki Luther, who saw my talent for equine photography and believed in me long before I believed in myself; to Eddo Hoekstra ( for featuring my photos on his website and allowing me to use his clinic work in my photography; to Walter Zettl (WAZ) ( and Heida for allowing me to use Walter’s clinic work in my photos; to my granddaughter Ashley for designing this website (; and for all of you who have let me know that I have captured the essence of you and your horse, I dedicate this website.